Art Direction/Visual Design

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Lizard City, Game Not Included, 2020 (ongoing)

Responsibilities: Concepting, Game Design, 3D Modelling & Interface Design, Story, Typesetting/Formatting…

This is a Video Game Strategy Guide for a retro-style 3D platformer game that does not exist. Lizard City is my ongoing personal game design project and I develop all elements of its design from concepting to completion. All game screenshots, story and design elements are developed by me, with help from feedback and brainstorming sessions with friends who have to listen to me talk about it constantly.

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Viewpoints, 93 Made Games, 2020

Responsibilities: Graphic Design, Wireframing, Typesetting/Formatting, Promotional Graphics, Logos

Viewpoints is a series of card games developed by 93 Made Games. On this project I was responsible for creating a maintaining a consistent brand identity across each new installment of the series.  Logo designs, card frames, text formatting and font pairings, box layouts and promotional banners, along with some of the illustrations (see individual image descriptions to see which illustrations I am responsible for).

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Constellations, Xtronaut Enterprises, 2017

Responsibilities: Illustration, Graphic Design, Layout/Formatting

For this project I developed the brand identity for the game including all visual elements. Wireframing the basic layout of cards and box/booklet materials, graphic design for all interface elements, font, color and icon work, card and box illustrations, and typesetting for rules and educational booklet.

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Biota, Fiddle Earth Games, 2016

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Logo Design, Promotional Illustrations

My job on Biota was to develop and maintain a cohesive style for the game.  I worked with programming, art and production/marketing teams to ensure the visual integrity of the project was maintained in all facets of development.

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ToteamHead, 2015

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Previsualization.

TotemHead was initially developed as pitch for Penn State’s Game Design Club in 2013, designed to be a 2.5D narrative-driven platformer. I provided the initial idea for the project as well as establishing core visual style choices. While the game was ultimately dropped, I continued to create conceptual designs for the game world, from game mechanics to character and environment models and illustrations.