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While my main focus lately is developing digital art courses for High School students, I keep my creativity sharp with my own personal art projects and freelance endeavors. You can check out some of my favorites below.
Kerr Gallery Installation – Inspiring Makers
This exhibit was installed at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild from August through November of 2023. Featuring work from MCG Youth staff, the Inspiring Makers Exhibition is a way to show the public how our passions and artistic careers influence the work we do with students.
The work on display included artwork from projects spanning the last 10 years of my professional artistic career, featuring illustration work from board game projects, video game work, and traditional artwork.
Icons and Logo Collection
Here is a sample of digital illustrations developed for icons and logo designs. Creating art for printed board games has guided my designs to be readable at a distance while still maintaining a playful colorful style. My goal is to provide a setting for viewers to open themselves to discovery and experimentation when they interact with my work.

Client/Project List

93 Made Games
Gross Brothers Games
Game Not Included
Logo Design Process
This is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the process of developing a logo for a board game company. As you can see, a single design is often paired down from a wide range of possibilities. By working closely with my clients in an iterative process, we come to a to a final design that communicates the personality of their brand.


93 Made Games
User Interface
I use a combination of 3D and 2D digital processes to create engaging interactive visual designs. A majority of the work on this slide is for a project called Lizard City, which is a personal video-game inspired narrative I’ve been working on. Additionally I have some work here for a K-8 virtual learning curriculum. I decided to combine these works here to show the ways that my game design background inspires the content I create for learning platforms.


Lizard City (Game Not Included)
Curriculum Development